Korea No.1 Crypto Influencer Network

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Pykl Network is the most influential Crypto Marketing Network in South Korea with a pool of cryptocurrency content creators.

  • WE UTILIZE a pool of content creators from Youtube, Steemit, Afreeca, and Blog (over 880,000 subscribers)

  • WE OFFER branding and advertising solutions in South Korea optimally tailored for your projects

  • WE COLLABORATE with numerous marketing companies to provide a marketing strategy for the events such as ICO pre-sale, exchange listing, mainnet launch, and conferences



  1. Kick-Off

    Obtaining an AD order from a company

  2. Planning

    Planning the content and finding a right influencer

  3. Contract

    Signing a contract

  4. Producing

    Production of the related content

  5. On Air

    Execution of the AD and balancing the account


We have a pool of marketing experts who will aid your success in South Korea,
Be part of Pykl Network.